Bell 206 TR Blades

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Composite Tail Rotor Blades for Bell Helicopter 206 JetRanger

New to the market, composite tail rotor blades available for the Bell 206 series helicopter.

The AMT-206-1 composite tail rotor blade is a direct replacement for the Bell 206 TRB. The AMT-206-1 TRB has a non-symmetrical airfoil section and incorporates a swept tip. The blade is primarily fabricate from uni-directional Graphite and Aramid continuous fibres suspended in an epoxy matrix and is fitted with a nickel abrasion strip on the leading edge. The abrasion strip is bonded on using a urethane adhesive.


  • 5,000-hour time life, twice the life of the standard OEM blade
  • 30% lower hourly operating costs compared to OEM blades
  • Higher margin of safety due to increased strength
  • Corrosion resistant and impervious to saltwater
  • Replaceable bushings and abrasion strips
  • Significant noise reduction, 68% reduction over OEM Blades
  • Improved ground clearance
  • Tested for over 51 million cycles




APMA 410142


The AMT-206-1 tail rotor blades are specially designed for the Bell 206A, 206B, AB206A, AB206B, and the Bell OH-58A.

Bell 206 Series



Bell OH-58A



The AMT-206-1 composite blade is a life limited, flight critical component and as such it is necessary to track its service history. This is accomplished by the use of a Blade Log CTRB-F19 (History Card) supplied with the blade by A.M.T. Helicopters Pty Ltd at the initial time of purchase.

Flight Manual Supplement Installation & Maintenance Manual APMA STC